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We're seeking candidates to feature as Baddies of the Month in our renowned Baddies Only Members community.

Why should you consider becoming a Baddie of the Month?

  • Enhanced Portfolio: Becoming a Baddie of the Month not only adds additional recognition to your portfolio, but it also includes an exclusive photoshoot showcasing your talents, making you even more attractive to future clients, collaborations, or brand partnerships.

  • Exclusive Perks: Receive unique gifts and gain direct access to the legend himself, DJ Baddies Only.

  • Social Media Boost: With the promotion and awareness generated by being a Baddie of the Month, your social media engagement rate and follower count will significantly increase, enhancing your visibility and online influence.

  • Exclusive Invitations: Baddies of the Month often receive invitations to VIP events, parties, and exclusive gatherings, giving you the chance to network with industry insiders, mingle with fellow influencers, and create lasting connections.

And so many more benefits! You will wonder why you didn't apply sooner!


  • Engage in TikTok Trends: Jump in on the latest TikTok trends - from dance challenges to meme trends - this is your chance to showcase your creativity and engagement with the existing online culture.

  • Dance Involvement: Display your dance skills and rhythm. This might be during an exclusive event, our photo/video shoots, or even spontaneously. Show off your moves and personality.

  • Music Appreciation: Listen, enjoy, and share DJ Baddies Only's music with your networks. Your feedback and interaction can help direct the evolution of new tracks and remixes.

  • Entertainment to DJ Baddies Only's Music: Share your experience of having fun with our music. This could be through live reaction videos, hosting online parties, or creating interesting content that captivates your audience.

  • Photo Sharing: Share selected photos within the Baddies Only Members community to deliver additional content for our members.

  • Community Questionnaires: Complete a personal questionnaire, allowing the Baddies Only Members community to better understand your unique talents, interests, and personality.

  • Live Community Calls: Participate in at least one live call during your featured month. This could be a joint livestream or Q&A session where you get to engage with the Baddies Only community.

  • All-Inclusive Photoshoots: Join exclusive photoshoots, destined to create content for your social media channels and the Baddies Only Members community. (Coming soon)

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Who is DJ Baddies Only?

Meet DJ Baddies Only, the American house music producer and DJ with over 13.8 million social media followers. Known for his electrifying live performances and pulse-pounding atmosphere, DJ Baddies Only is the driving force behind Baddies Only Members.

As a founder of Baddies Only Members, DJ Baddies Only empowers others to achieve their dream lifestyle, develop social skills, and connect with stunning, talented Baddies. By featuring women as "Baddies of the Month," he utilizes his influence to elevate their exposure and generate opportunities for collaboration and success.

Welcome to the world of Baddies Only.